Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Loughborough University, a premier sports university, Shona works with many national and international level athletes from multiple sporting disciplines. She brings a new paradigm to sports nutrition counselling with her drive to keep a fresh, fun and real approach towards nourishment in order to help athletes unlock their full potential. Her work highlights the acute need for elite athletes to develop a better relationship with the foods they eat in order to enhance the quality of their health and fitness.

In addition to providing nutrition counselling, she conducts seminars at schools, corporates, sports clubs and academies to increase awareness about the benefits of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

What should I eat before the run?

Choose easily digestible carbohydrates like oats, banana, bread, muesli and combine it with a little protein from milk, curd, egg white.  High fat and protein rich foods 1-2 hours before the race may cause discomfort while running.  The most important rule is experiment during practice sessions and finds what works best for you.

What should you eat and drink after the run?

A combination of proteins and carbohydrates work best for recovery after a run.

  • Fruit milkshake
  • Cheese or egg sandwich
  • Protein bar and fruit

These are options that provide both protein and carbohydrates.  Rehydration is an important part of the post-run routine to keep your muscles feeling fresh and supple. Aim for 500 ml water within 30 minutes post your run.

When should I eat to maximize recovery after a race?

Ideally, this meal should be consumed within 30 minutes to promote maximum recovery and replenish glycogen stores, the fuel that is used by your muscles.

How much fluid should I drink during the race?

A good rule of thumb would be to have a glass of water every 15-20 minutes. This allows your body to maintain its core temperature and continue running smoothly as dehydration makes you fatigue faster.  Once you’ve completed 30 minutes, you can start to consume a carbohydrate-based energy drink to top your glycogen stores.

What should I have for dinner the night before?

Choose carbohydrates like rice, potato, millets, and pasta. Include a palm-sized portion of lean protein like dals, egg, fish or chicken and serve yourself a generous amount of vegetables. Eat till you feel comfortable and avoid overeating.

Can I eat cane sugar or honey before my run?

Yes, they are good sources of instant energy but also include your pre-run meal for more sustained energy.